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"Start a podcast" - they said.

"It'll be fun" - they said.

And it is.

But what they didn't tell you was how to properly market and monetize your podcast.

You hear about other podcasters doing it, but you don't know how. This book solves that problem.

Some of what you will learn in this short, concise book is how to:

- Directly and indirectly monetize a podcast as either a host and/or as a guest

- Create a call-to-action, lead magnet, and sales funnel

- Submit your podcast for free featured placement in podcast apps

- Run paid ads in podcast directories

- Run targeted social media ads

- Organize podcast swaps: intro, outro, trailer, feed-drops, and cross-promo

- Get sponsorships before you even launch your show

- Get affordable media and press coverage

and much, much more!

It's time to stop spinning your wheels, and it's time to start making connections, getting clients, and making money.

Why Podcasting?

Some of What You'll Learn In This Book:







And Much, Much More

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